ELWP - Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

Epsilon Last Wall Protocol is an Imperial Fist themed guild founded around late August 2017 as the successor to EDA (Epsilon Dark Angels). Its current leaders are Chapter Master Mordred and 1st Company Captain Dekra.

In its short history the guild has gone from a no name, to being one of the most active and well known groups in EC.

Projects such as the 5v5 guild tournaments and the Joint Guild Council itself are the brainchild of some of its members.

ELWP has come from humble beginnings, but if we follow our current path 
the future will be bright for both our guild and the game.

We welcome any Imperial Fist players both new and old to join us. We do not ask for skill in our recruits, only that you can commit to being a part of a group and follow simple social rules.

Skill can be taught, but being a douche is a different story XD.

We host events every weekend (some involve light Role playing for ceremonies and special occasions), regularly GvG against other guilds and pride ourselves on being very well organized with how we run the guild.

If you want to join our glorious banana train please apply via the Apply Here button in the top right of this page
 or friend ELWP-Dekra or ELWP-Mordred on steam for more information.